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At the heart of Southern California’s vibrant landscape, HartmanBaldwin has carved a niche as the epitome of luxury custom home construction. We don’t just build houses; we craft homes that are a true embodiment of dreams, aspirations, and the unique Californian spirit.

The journey of creating your dream home with HartmanBaldwin begins with a vision. Our comprehensive design-build services ensure that this vision is transformed into a tangible reality. From the initial sketches to the final brick, every step is orchestrated with precision, passion, and a commitment to excellence. Our architectural and interior design prowess, combined with top-tier construction techniques, guarantees homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also structurally sound.

At HartmanBaldwin, our full-service approach extends seamlessly into custom home construction. As the general contractor, our seasoned team of project managers ensures the meticulous execution of every aspect of the building process. Beginning with detailed planning and scheduling, we coordinate all aspects of the custom home construction phase, from site preparation to the final finishing touches. A skilled general contractor and project manager are invaluable in maintaining quality control and ensuring that the construction adheres to all applicable building codes, regulations, and industry best practices.

Whether it’s a beachfront property that captures the serenity of the Pacific or a hilltop mansion offering panoramic views of the city, our homes are tailored to complement their surroundings while reflecting the homeowner’s personality.

Quality is the cornerstone of our home construction services in California. Every material, be it the imported stone that graces the facade or the custom hardware that adorns the interiors, is chosen for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Our association with industry leaders and artisans ensures that our homes are equipped with the best.

HartmanBaldwin’s reputation, cemented by multiple design awards and editorial features, is not just about the homes we build but the relationships we foster. We serve as the central point of contact, liaising between clients, architects, designers, subcontractors, and suppliers to ensure clear communication and seamless coordination throughout the custom home construction process. From first-time homeowners to those seeking their luxurious dream abode, our commitment remains unwavering: to provide an unparalleled construction experience that turns your Southern Californian dream home into a reality.

Hillside French Normandy Renovation by HartmanBaldwin

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    HartmanBaldwin uses state of the art visual aides to help clients understand the proposed changes to their home. From elegant inspiration boards to 3D renderings and illustrations. Our full-service firm serves Pasadena and its surrounding like South Pasadena, San Marino, Altadena, Sierra Madre, Arcadia and San Gabriel.

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